Customer service

Service Strategy

Customer focus, focus on customer needs and experience, implementation services differentiated services strategy, and comprehensively promote customer satisfaction projects, create the most domestic service brand reputation of power tools.

Service Brand

 "customer-centric" service concept, focus on customer needs and experience, created the "worry-free" service brand, presented "full love all the way worry-free" service slogan. The core idea is based on the "three full service, four modernizations, six unified" service standards, create "five worry" project, that service network throughout the country, providing customers with "all-weather, all-round, the whole process." and "standardized, family-oriented, personalized, professional" service, through the "unified service concept, unified service image, unified service standards, uniform service processes, unified service training, unified service parts," so customers truly experience the "worry-free service, accessories worry, rescue worry, worry-free care, integrity worry."


The connotation of "worry-free" service not only in the traditional sense, but rather to the concept of customer service into R & D, manufacturing, sales and service of all operational aspects of each business segment are customer-centric, maximize the pursuit of customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.

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