Dera Growth

Chain operation mode

Pai movement on the one hand, actively develop brand new product for the market, on the other hand, looking for suitable for franchisees agent and high cost performance products, integration of product resources, giving full play to the advantages of agglomeration. Pai move headquarters distribution to distribution center, and then distributed to each branch organization structure implementation of chain operation at home and abroad. Operating management department to be responsible for the goods transfers, city distribution guidance and inventory goods follow-up supervision and administration. Maximize the use of its advantage and service advantage, professional advantage, team help manufacturers products to market quickly, molded product display platform

Platform management

Pai power push new products set pattern, with "efficient, comprehensive, high efficiency" as the starting point, the commodity management as the core, to ensure product quality, to provide low cost, high efficiency of hardware mechanical and electrical supply chain platform, ERP information digital management platform, convenient goods distribution logistics platform. Pai move is dedicated to helping manufacturers to provide intensive, integration of the channel.

Join the type development

Excellent dealers across the country have joined have the opportunity to become a shareholder in the Pai move. This model not only can effectively prevent the occurrence of transregional behavior, can also inspire the enthusiasm of the shareholders to a great extent, while strongly develop effectively maintain the healthy development of the market. The next three years, Pai rapid expansion, build quality is outstanding, category is rich, competitive top supermarket chain.

Experience stores type

Pai first stage of planning to open stores 400, major cities nationwide, unified Pai brand chain store image, improve the environment of store shopping experience. Stores directly to terminal market, brand promotion, product sales synchronization capture user feedback and the new demand of the market. Meanwhile, Pai combined online marketing model, provide consumers with convenient and quick purchasing and after-sales service.

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